About us.

The The Human development indices and education levels have placed the standard of life in Kerala above most other states in India, not only on an intellectual plane, but also in competitive sports and games, which have always been an integral part of Kerala’s culture and psyche that has produced several notable sports persons over time.


To ensure a self-subsistent, innovative and quality sporting/recreation amenities in every neighborhood in Kerala at the grassroots level to embrace the next generation of international sports icons.


  • To be the accredited centralized enterprise for all Sports Engineering operations in Kerala.
  • To ensure a dedicated approach and enforce projects for fostering sports infrastructure development in the state.
  • To achieve state and national long-term sports objectives by investing in technological and international up-gradation of existing sports infrastructure on contemporary grounds.
  • To expand the capacity and quality of sporting facilities through operations of sports infrastructure on a self-sustaining model based on the viable revenue generation strategies through PPP.
  • To embrace modern advanced world-class technical skills and tools by constructing high-performance Arts-Sports training centers and academies.
  • To recruit, hire, and deploy professional staff dynamic in the field of sports management and engineering for maintenance and operations of Hitech sports infrastructure.

Organizational Structure