About Sports Kerala Foundation

The Human development indices and education levels have placed the standard of life in Kerala above most other states in India, not only on an intellectual plane, but also in competitive sports and games, which have always been an integral part of Kerala’s culture and psyche that has produced several notable sports persons over time.

For a state with such an impressive array of talented sportspersons, a centralized professional sports structure was the need of the hour and has now found fruition in the formation of the Sports Kerala Foundation (SKF), a public sector business tasked with the construction, operation, and upkeep of the sports infrastructure in the State; through sustainable business models.


What We Do

We bring to the table win-win strategies and ensure proactive involvement and implementation of the same. At the end of the day, a going forward principle which is the new normal that was evolved for Generation X.

Our Approach

High level of Quality control in Compliance with national and intentional regulations and standards.
Working since 2000

We are leader
in Indian Sports industry

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