‘Healthy Kids’ aims to enhance the physical and mental abilities of children by initiating them to sports and games. The primary focus is to help the children develop aptitude in a variety of games which could later be harnessed through systematic and scientific training. It also aims to convert schools as sporting hubs and ensure regular physical activity among school children.

Healthy Kids is an ambitious project aimed at improving the overall development of children in the age group of 4-12. This program is envisaged by the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of Kerala, and has been developed by Splendor Associates.

The GNxT equipment provided with this program functions as physical as well as mental ability enhancers for the kids through fun-filled activities. The chosen faculties of the coordinating schools are trained in special motor skill development drills for systematic training of the children.
Periodic assessment of the student’s skill development can be evaluated by monitoring their performance online and adequate reports will be generated. This report would be a guideline to assess the game skill capacity of the child. Thus this program envisages building a professional sports culture in the children and providing better sports persons for the state.


The goal is a Grass root-level football development program. It is a well-known fact that Keralites are deeply interested in Sports and Games, especially football. In our country, having a population of over one hundred crores taking part in the world cup football someday is one of our prized dreams. Mr. Sepp Blatter, former president of FIFA, described India as the ‘Sleeping Giant’ of football. Our achievements in FIFA Under 17 World Cup held in India, ISL football tournaments, COTIF Under 20, and AFC Under 16 were a clear indication that India’s dream of participating in the FIFA World Cup tournament would become a reality soon.
Several European and Latin American Countries and a few countries in Asia including China have made significant achievements in football as a result of the implementation of the meticulous ‘catch them young’ idea designed to find out children with talent in Sports and impart to them with professional and scientific training in football. A similar football development program named ‘Goal’ has been designed by the Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs, Government of Kerala, and Sports Kerala Foundation and shall be implemented in all fourteen districts of Kerala. The program envisages identifying talented children in the urban, rural, coastal, and tribal areas of the State. In each center, 25 boys born in an age class between 9 – 12 would be selected using scientific criteria and through intense training, they would be made future champions.

1. Significant Participation in the U-13, U-14, U-15, Indian-I-League football tournaments, etc.
2. Remarkable representation and performance of the Players from Kerala in the Under 19, I-League, Indian Super League, and Indian Arrows tournaments.
3. Kerala’s effective involvement in future club/league competitions within the country and abroad.
4. Successful participation of the well-trained students in the U-19, U-14, U-12, Academy, and League competitions conducted by the Kerala Football Association.
5. Helping Schools, Colleges, and Universities to set up professional teams with well-trained players.
6. The state’s impressive participation in the National School level competitions like the Subroto Cup Tournament etc.
7Giving meaningful training to good players with the cooperation of international institutions like Victoria University.
8. Availing the opportunity to work with the cooperation of Foreign Clubs, Sponsors, National-International players/ Agencies, etc.
9 Setting up regional football clubs.
10 Inspiring Creation of play grounds for the adolescents.



The Judoka is a significant step taken to motivate the sports enthusiasts in the State, who are aspiring to make it big in judo and for the fundamental development of the sports discipline. The present situation in the state is very favorable for the growth of judo as G.V. Raja Sports school, Trivandrum was selected as the Khelo India Centre of Excellence for the Kerala State in Judo by the Government of India and Judo is one of the priority disciplines chosen by Kerala under One State One Game scheme of GoaI.

JUDOKA is a state-wide grassroots training program for school students between the age group of 8-11 years by establishing basic training centers in the State. JUDOKA was introduced to lay a better foundation for the promotion of Judo in the State and to be implemented as a self-defense program as well.

Basic Training Centers will be set up in one school each in ten districts of the State and training shall be provided by qualified coaches to 40 children in each center, who will be selected through trials. Training will be conducted in three sessions a week for one hour. All necessary equipment will be provided to the centers. A well-structured curriculum will be designed for scientific sports training in Judo and the progress of the trainees will be tracked regularly.
Periodic assessment of the student’s skill development can be evaluated by monitoring their performance online and adequate reports will be generated. This report would be a guideline to assess the game skill capacity of the child. Thus this program envisages building a professional sports culture in the children and providing better sports persons for the state.
Talented Athletes identified through Judoka will be fast-tracked to a High-performance center like G.V. Raja Sports School for advanced training. Judoka will provide a structured pathway for Judo athletes aspiring to reach great levels in the sport.


PUNCH is a grassroots level Boxing Training program for girls to be established in 5 district centers in the state. It mainly aims at the development and promotion of Boxing in the state. If the scheme can be implemented as a self-defense program for girls, it will be an added advantage. Girls can develop self-discipline, and confidence and improve their physical condition.

The program’s main objective is to identify boxing talent among children through an intensive program, to nurture these talents to reach international standards, and in the process increase visibility for boxing in the mainstream sporting arena of the state. It aims to the development of boxing in the state by imparting training of international standards and providing necessary opportunities for children to excel in the mainstream sporting arena. Developing boxing skills in the children and providing them an opportunity to play at a higher level will be prioritized along with imparting self-defense abilities to girls through scientific physical training.
The execution of the project will be done through the guidance of a team of experts who will identify talented children through careful scrutiny at selection trials. Intensive training sessions will be conducted under qualified boxing coaches and trainers and conduct periodical refresher courses for their trainers, and update them on current scientific training techniques prevalent in boxing academies around the world. The scheme will be implemented in the state by them as desired by the Government. Monitoring committees will be formed at the school, district, and state levels for the effective monitoring and evaluation of the project. Training centers will be set in one school each in 5 districts across the state. Training shall be provided to 25 girls in each center.