‘Healthy Kids’ aims to enhance the physical and mental abilities of children by initiating them to sports and games. The primary focus is to help the children develop aptitude in a variety of games which could later be harnessed through systematic and scientific training. It also aims to convert schools as sporting hubs and ensure regular physical activity among school children.

Healthy Kids is an ambitious project aimed at improving the overall development of children in the age group of 4-12. This program is envisaged by the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of Kerala, and has been developed by Splendor Associates.

The GNxT equipment provided with this program functions as physical as well as mental ability enhancers for the kids through fun-filled activities. The chosen faculties of the coordinating schools are trained in special motor skill development drills for systematic training of the children.
Periodic assessment of the student’s skill development can be evaluated by monitoring their performance online and adequate reports will be generated. This report would be a guideline to assess the game skill capacity of the child. Thus this program envisages building a professional sports culture in the children and providing better sports persons for the state.


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